2016 Featured Artist: Red Door Lane

By: Brenna Bole

Red Door Lane offers unique, vintage home furnishings you simply can’t find anywhere else. It is owned and operated by Michele Becker and Jessica Wright, and together they create and refine authentic pieces into chic and one-of-a-kind décor.

This year will be Red Door Lane’s second year to participate in the Old Town Street Festival, and they couldn’t be more excited after experiencing the response they got last year.RDL

“We had people that didn’t know about us. Ninety-nine percent of people didn’t know who we were or where we were and a lot of them left and went to our shop directly,” Becker says.

“And we still get people coming in who say, ‘We saw you at the Street Festival!’” Wright adds.

Red Door Lane is located in the Leander Flea Market and features an eclectic blend of décor that is sure to appeal to a wide variety of tastes.

“It’s not just shabby chic, it’s not just mid-century modern, it’s not just farmhouse chic,” says Becker, “I think a lot of different people can shop here and enjoy it.”

The shop also has in-house artisans Steve Newman of Interesthings and Becky Herrmann of For Love of the Paint that bring their own creativity and passion into the mix.

At the Old Town Street Festival, the shop plans to offer original pieces along with items that people can take and use to create something of their very own.

“It’s fabulous just getting to meet people and share our passion with them,” Wright says, “I think it’s a great opportunity for people to get out and see the businesses that are local that they can support because it’s investing back into our community.”

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