2016 Featured Artist: Smith Map Studio

By: SMS_TXHillCountryMap2012_1024x1024Brenna Bole

Smith Map Studio is a newcomer to the Old Town Street Festival in 2016. Chris Smith blends together art, geography and history to create original illustrated maps of Texas and various historic events using a combination of acrylics and pen and ink.

Although he is not formally trained in cartography, it is subject matter for his artistry.

“I put an illustrative twist on it so it’s got lots of imagery. It’s not a boring physical map, it tells a story,” Smith says.

He says the map he is most partial to is the Republic of Texas because it was the first one he made and spent the most time creating.

Smith is featured in festivals throughout Texas, and laughs as he says Dusty Hill of ZZ Top once purchased an Alamo print of his in Houston.

Smith plans to offer a wide variety of his maps at the Old Town Street Festival and we are looking forward to having him as a vendor! His website is smithmapstudio.com for a sneak peak!

2 thoughts on “2016 Featured Artist: Smith Map Studio

  1. Hi..my name is Patsi Wolfe the artist…friend of Guy and George..I have heard alot about you….so i looked you up…i love your work. .very interesting…so unique!! Alot of hard work and it shows!! I look forward to meeting you..take care be safe!!


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