How to Have a FUN Festival Day!

Festivals can be a ton of fun; especially for those that come prepared!

We love hosting the Old Town Street Festival, but what we really love is festival goers that come prepared.  Before you attend the Old Town Street Festival, we recommend that you do these things…it will help ensure that you have a terrific time!


  1. Review the FAQs.  These FAQs will help ensure that you know what you can and can’t bring to the festival.
  2. Check out the parking map.  Parking at festivals is always the worst part…check out this map so that you know exactly where to head.
  3. Chairs!  Bring a lawn chair.  We do have public seating, but it is very limited, so bring your chair and enjoy the live music.
  4. Bring some money!!!  We have over 150 vendors from all over Central Texas…we are confident you will find something you love.
  5. Tickets– The event is free, but you will need tickets to purchase food, drinks, and children’s activities.  The tickets are purchased at the ticket tent located at the intersection of W. South and N. Brushy (the little blue house).
  6. Sunscreen– Be sure to come with sunscreen…it is going to be a beautiful sunny day…especially after all of these cloudy days, you will want to remember to block those rays.
  7. Things to leave at home!  Coolers, outside food/drinks, bad attitudes…none of these things are allowed at the festival.
  8. Questions???  Have a question?  Call us at 512-259-1907.  We can’t wait to see you on Saturday.

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