Vendors for the 2023 Old Town Street Festival

Do you sell one-of-a-kind items that everyone raves about?

The Old Town Street Festival is a great venue to spread your name and display your unique, hand-crafted items, specialty housewares, gorgeous clothing and accessories and kids clothing and toys.

Every year, over 15,000 visitors attend the Old Town Street Festival and make the streets of Leander come to life. Hosted in the Old Town Square in Leander, Texas, this event attracts visitors from all over to run in the 5K, listen to live music and shop all day. With specialty food trucks and activities for kids, there is something for everyone.

Vendor & Festival Info

Old Town Street Festival:
Saturday, June 3rd

100 N. Brushy St.
Leander, TX 78641

Beer & Wine Vendors

The Old Town Street Festival has great rates for local and regional wineries and breweries. Showcase you unique vintages and craft beers for a large, diverse (and thirsty!) crowd. Use the Vendor Info button above to get more information and apply to be in this years festival!

2 thoughts on “Vendors for the 2023 Old Town Street Festival

  1. Hi! I’ve already filled out an application and haven’t received a response yet. Should I fill out another application?

    Vicki Studstill

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Hi Vicki, our committee is meeting this week and we will let you know within the next week…no need to fill out another application. Thanks!!


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