Satisfy Your Food Cravings at the Festival

Old Town Street Festival 2023 is Saturday, June 3rd and we’re looking forward to all the delicious food options that will be available. We’ll have at least 15 unique food vendors offering savory dishes and sweet treats alike. There will be something tasty to satisfy very festival-goer’s tastebuds. Have a look at some of this year’s food vendors:

Brown Sugar Cheesecake Bar

Try these unique sweet desserts-in-a-jar from this Taylor-based treat maker. These layered cheesecakes are the ultimate indulgence for festival visitors on the go!

Delectable Delights

These homemade fried mini donuts are finished with a variety of tasty toppings to make the perfect treat. Try these with fruit, powdered sugar, chocolate syrup or even sprinkles to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Frios Gourmet Pops

Need a treat to cool you off? Try these delicious ice pops from Frios. More than 60 amazing flavors are available including: vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options. 

Garbo’s Lobster

If you’re looking for a gourmet sandwich, try a refreshing lobster roll from Garbo’s. This unique Austin favorite serves up authentic New England lobster rolls, created by three sisters that hail from Connecticut.

G’s 183 Pit Stop

Known for their delicious turkey legs, G’s is a festival favorite and returning again this year. Other tasty offerings include burgers, fried pickles and sausage wraps.

Kettle Corn Chick

Try a bag of kettle corn from Kettle Corn Chick for the perfect combination sweet and salty snack! But if popcorn is not to your liking, she’ll also have zesty street corn in a cup and corn on the cob seasoned just right.

Munch Munch Waffles & More

For breakfast or anytime, Munch Munch waffles are delicious! At this creative food truck, you’ll find Belgian-style waffles with toppings, waffle sandwiches and more.

K.O. Barbecue

Inspired by old school roots and a passion for bold flavors, K.O. Barbecue has a vast menu of barbecue delights, utilizing the freshest ingredients to bring homemade dishes to you at the Festival.

Mix’T Caribbean Blends

Mix’T offers a heartfelt blend of traditional Caribbean and Southern comfort foods. Try their tangy meatballs, jerk chicken or fish tacos, or island lemonade.

Merry Mac’s

For a special treat, try a light decadent macaroon from Merry Mac’s. With flavors like Peaches and Cream and Pineapple Coconut, these beautifully decorated treats will satisfy your sweet tooth!

Tropical Sno

When the midday heat hits, a snow cone is the perfect cooling refreshment. With 40 flavors to customize your icy treat, Tropical Sno brings the chill to the Festival!

General Old Town Street Festival Info

As always, you don’t need tickets to attend this free event, but EXCLUSIVE VIP tickets are available for purchase for our Headliner, Dale Watson. Find out more information and purchase VIP tickets here.

Answers to our most commonly asked questions can be found here. We look forward to seeing you.

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Special Thanks to Our Presenting Sponsor, ACDI.

The Old Town Street Festival couldn’t happen without our community partners and sponsors.

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